Investment Philosophy

The Company will primarily invest in property development projects and will primarily derive her income from a combination of sales, rents, property leases, capital gains on sale of properties and interest earned on fixed income investment of the Company’s cash liquidity.

Typically, the Company will participate or initiate development projects on a ‘build to sell’, ‘build to rent’ or ‘build to operate’ model with a holding period of 2 to 5 years. The Company will typically take a majority stake in projects.

The company’s Investment Strategy is to:

  • Invest in a portfolio of properties that is diversified by sector, geographic location and timing of income streams
  • Invest in the development and acquisition of residential, commercial office, retail and hospitality properties
  • Achieve appreciation in value of our assets over the life of the instrument
  • Structure investments to achieve a right balance between current income and capital appreciation
  • Investment will be selected with liquidity and exit in mind
  • Minimum investment of 20% in the equity of selected projects
  • Each investment to be approved by the Investment committee approval process for each fund
  • Leverage will be used and range from 20%-60% of the aggregate cost